Pre-game carbs = bloated

I always here you should eat pancakes or pasta or bagels a few hours before the game to get carbs for energy … well, that doesn’t work for me b/c it just makes me feel stuffed and fat …

Does anyone know of any high carb foods you can eat that are … small in size? Something that’ll fill you up with the good carbs but won’t take up a lot of energy in your stomach??

I mean, won’t take up a lot of SPACE in your stomach…

You should load up on carbs the night before u pitch not that day. Have some oatmeal in the morning and some fruit before you throw. Also a cup of coffee with your breakfast wouldnt hurt.

pancakes? maybe a couple whole wheat pancakes which would be the more expensive kind on the aisle

rolled oats that aren’t processed are the best possible thing in my opinion (no quick oats)…whole wheat toast

I usually have 6 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 2 slices of whole wheat toast, and a cup of oats before a game