Pre-Game Bullpen


Is there anything you like to do specifically when throwing a bullpen?

For example, I follow a certain pattern

2x Fastballs low-away
2x Fastballs low-in
2x Fastballs high
2x Offspeed/Breaking Ball

*Only about 20-25 minutes to warm up


That sounds more like getting ready for a game than throwing a pen. Pre-game, I will throw about 30 pitches once I get up to speed and get hot.

Pre-game: I throw these until I feel right, but no more than 5 of anything except the curve ball if necessary
3-5 2SxsFB (2 Seam eXtension Side FastBalls)
3-5 2SgsFB (2 Seam Glove Side FastBalls)
3-5 low Change up
2-3 high Change up
2-3 xsSL (eXtension Side SLider)
2-3 gsSL (Glove Side SLider)
?? two consecutive acceptable curves (it may take 2 or it may take up to 7 before I get two that felt right and break the way I want)
2-4 4SxsFB
2-4 4SgsFB
1-3 2SxsFB

I focus on up to 3 specific pitches and throw each to its own specific location in any one bullpen session. I don’t scatter the ball around in a pen. Pattern is close to 20-20-20 with 5 mins between sets. I’m refining pitches in a pen. In the pre-game, I’m just seeing what I have today that’s working right.


I like to start out of the windup and go 2 FB’s outside (4 seam) then go two fastballs glove side/inside (two seam). then go two breaking balls on the string or below and then a change upon the string or below it. then I’ll work the same sequence from the stretch and work one of each slide step. by then I’ll have a good feel for each and that’s just a guideline. if one feels unsteady or uncomfortable I’ll throw a fastball then right after throw the pitch that doesn’t feel good so I can relate it to the feel of my fastball and get it on track. before I get hot, I’ll have the catcher down and I’ll play catch from a semi stretch where I catch the ball lift my leg and go towards home (very relaxed feeling the cues I like to feel in my delivery.


I usually tell my pitchers to work on your fastball and change ups throw 20 pitches and ice your arm because it improves their pitching don’t know why but it does