Pre Existing Injury

This is my first one of these, so im just gonna wing it.

Im 19 years old, and had several arm problems this last season. My pre existing injury was that i broke the humorous head off of my right arm. it was fixed up well, but i cant help thinking that more damage was done. every time i throw i get seering pain in my right arm until i get warmed up. the more i throw, the better it feels. just before the season started i was having problems with my elbow. this probably occurred from over using my arm. the more i throw the worse my elbow feels, but the better my shoulder feels. any suggestions?

how are your mechanics?

also thats odd. From what your saying, if their is nothing wrong with your mechanics their is something wrong. However, what type of pain is it.

I think with your shoulder its just tightness. I don’t think you warm up properly before you throw. Do you do a dynamic warmup?

If your arm is sore its like a heavy pain, but if its actual pain, its like a needle is pinching your skin. Which one?

My mechanics are fine, but i was throwing somewhere between 100 and 200 pitches a day on my own. And every once in a while the inflammation would go away, then I’d come up throwing in the outfield, launch the ball and it’d be right back to dead.

The feeling is difficult to describe. It was deep sharp pain, in my tendons and underneath my muscles. Every time i would ice the underside of my elbow, my ring and little fingers would go numb. I’m guessing that it was tendinitis, from overuse. I had also been experimenting with different pitches, such as the fork-ball, which is supposed to be hard on the elbow, and really working on my curve ball.

As for the shoulder, the pain subsides after about ten strong throws. it is just a bit creaky from when i broke it. they couldnt get the bone screwed back together perfectly, so its a bit larger than it used to be due to bone growth around the healing point.

Why do you throw a fork ball? Thats not exactly easy on your arm. Have you ruled out tendinitis?

I would go the doctor if i were you.

two reasons i havent already. #1: im afraid of what they’ll say (“You need surgery!”) #2 lack of sufficient funds. (nice way of saying im $ broke $)

You say your 19.

What level ball are you playing?

our American Legion season just ended. i will be going to play college ball in Washington this fall. in fact, I’m moving to Washington on Saturday. American Legion eligibility is odd, and allows an athlete to play at age 19 as long as they turn 19 the year of the season. i made it by 8 days.

all the pain was happening throughout the first 3/4 of our season. i stopped throwing all together for a while and my arm is in tip top shape. i was just asking for prevention of future injuries