I was just curious if anyone knew some pranks i could pull on one of our coaches. He always tries to be a prankster so I just wanted to get some payback. I’m thinking about filling his car with packing peanuts. Any good ideas, just post them.

P.S. They don’t have to be baseball-related.

By the way, I have till friday to get my prank(s) ready if that helps.

you could try egging his car maybe

We already did that lol. That’s how this whole thing got started lol.

definately go for the packing peanuts.

Sneak into his house and put ceram wrap over his toilet seat(s).

With Pustulio give him some xlax some how. That would def. make a mess haha

I did this on a camping trip:

Spay a type of deodorant (AXE) around his sleeping bag. He slept near the fire, so he didn’t notice the smell. You can guess what next happened. He didn’t have a tent.

slurve thats wrong but very funny. lol :lol:

Come on someone needs a good prank. I can’t think of any. Preferably one that won’t damage or destroy anything. :lol: :lol:

Try that or something.

this might be a bit inappropriate but last year a guy on the team fell asleep on the team mini bus and smeone else ripped outsome of their pubic hair andput it in his mouth :shock:
the guy woke up ad said he tasted something hairy :lol:
since then he has always been given the name “pube” but since the guy is actually quite cool he usually ges calle Master P :lol:
but to be honest i wouldn’trecommend tht on your coach

Wow that is just messed up.

Thanks for the ideas everyone. I believe we got the last laugh of this pranks war. Well we stuck post-it notes all over his car and wrote a bunch of dirty messages on them. He was so shocked when he saw that, so we used shrink wrap and wrapped him to the pole right beside his car. He was then forced to watch us wrap his car in shrink wrap then put duct tape over the shrink wrap. We also put a dead fish under his seat.

not cool. Anyway, what happened was that a skunk smelled the AXE, went over there, and sprayed.

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