Practicing with tennis balls?

Hey, Since its the winter I can’t really go to the diamond and practice pitching… mostly because no one would catch for me, So i set up something in my backyard, where i set up something thats practicly the exact strike zone, and i pitch at it, approx 40 ft. away from me.

The only problem is, that if i use a hardball, itll hit the fence after its pitched and make a loud noise, and i could mess up the fence with a couple of wild pitches, so instead i use tennis balls. Is that still ok? When i start using hardballs again, will it really make a big difference? Since the weight is different, will i start throwing it to low or too high or what?
Can anyone tell me what the big problem is, and any way to try 2 help it from occuring if any?


P.S: I also hate the fact how you cant really practice any grips since they cant really do anything cuz no seams.

i use tee balls

what are “Tee balls” like… i dont even remember waht a tee ball looks like… last time ive played tee ball was when i was… well it was 9 years ago! is it like a normal bsaeball? or a soft ball? or what…

Easton makes what is called a “SoftStrike” ball that you can buy by the dozen. They’re softer, and, unfortunately, a little lighter than a baseball. You can also get a net target that you can hang from a fence and that has a pocket that will collect the balls at the bottom. To keep the ball from hitting the hard fence behind the target and bouncing away, you might need to find a way to hold it a little in front of the fence or to put some kind of cushion (an old mattress?) behind it.

Throwing a ball against a fence… Must be about a 150 year old tradition. I love it!

tee balls are just like baseballs, same weight but softer.