Power Up Wedge / King of Hill Trainer


Is anyone familiar with a product called the Power Up Wedge? This think is all over social media, but has anyone actually used it? Apparently it’s designed help better engage the lower half in both pitching and hitting. What about the King of the Hill trainer, which apparently is designed to do the same thing, but about about 4x the cost. Would be interested on anyone’s take on either product.





It can serve a meaningful purpose. On the other hand it can build in a false sense of security that quickly evaporates when on a mound in game situation. As long as you understand what it is offering you in the lower half and are able to do the same thing without the gimmick.


I have used the King of the Hill for a couple of seasons and I think it is a great learning tool. I used it to teach a team of 8 year old who to “push off the mound” and really use their lower half, the results were amazing. The trainer gives instant feedback, so you know if every looked mechanically correct or was actually mechanically correct and the kids know as soon as they follow through if they did it correctly or not. I also used it with my 11u team last season and got similar results.



We have had nothing but success as a team with the power up wedge. The feel is amazing and the kids are able to retain the feel and gain muscle memory quickly. I have had a few revert back to their knee pushing out or hanging back and I have simply told them to remember the feel of the wedge and they quickly over came their inconsistenciey. We have had a ton of luck with our hitters as well. 15-20 swing remove and they can move to next drill or 2 with out it as they retain the feel. I would disagree with the False sense of security as myself and my staff train through feels. This thing (gimmick) presents the proper feel. We Drill and practice via feel, so our players can be thier own coach when on the field. so far so good. For about what we spent on 12 wedges, you can buy 1 KOH just sayin.