Power position

I’ve heard discussion about not changing the natural throwing slot. But have a question about my son. He does not take the ball up into the traditional power position. He takes it back but then his elbow is higher than the ball and then he seems to deliver the ball normally. And I can see he needs to have a fixed glove at release. Please review (click play and pause repeatedly to see the path of his arm from back position to delivery). I’m interested in feedback/opinions. It seems like this is something to change… that you would want to bring it up into power position vs. what I’ve read about not changing the arm path.

. Thanks.

My opinion is that I’d leave his arm alone and work on two other things:

(1) Better use of his lower body by getting him to lead with his front hip longer into his stride.

(2) Better glove side control - getting the glove arm into an equal and opposite position with the throwing arm (adjust the glove arm, not the throwing arm) and stabilize the glove out front.

The only thing that I would have is that he probably could increse his stride just a little and get a little better balance when he gets to the foot strike.

From what I can see, the kid has a natural sidearm delivery (something like what Walter Johnson used to do), and if it’s working for him it should be left alone. There are, as Roger and buwhite mentioned, a couple of other things that could be worked on, but don’t change that arm slot! 8)

Yeah, but who was Walter Johnson? :wink:

I am truly amazed, and more than a little disconcerted, at how many people don’t know their baseball history. Walter Johnson was one of the greatest pitchers of the first half of the twentieth century, and he was a true sidearmer who threw bullets. And you can look it up.

In addition to the comments others have made, I see very incomplete rotation, both in the hips and then the shoulders. Rotate that back leg, fire those hips more fully and rotate the shoulders much more.

Thanks so much for the input. I’ve read the pitching manual … so I’m glad I asked about the arm slot … I’d hate to have my son change something that he shouldn’t … but then you read about the power position … and that’s what got me wondering if he should change the throwing arm (mostly in terms of velocity). As far as the other suggestions … I appreciate those too … that will give him something more to work on to improve his velocity. This is a great site … anymore insight is appreciated.

well im thinking that is a tricky arm path, attention to detail for proper mechanics in timing that arm slot consistently should be a priority