Power pitchers falling off

i was watching clips of power pitchers and alot of them fall off to the first base side

pitchers like justin verlander, papelbon, zumaya

why is this

I think it’s sign of effective, violent rotation.

LOL No it’s the worst thing you can do you want to stabilze the plant leg and rotate like ROGER CLEMENS, DICE-K and others that have a strong core and can do this.

Falling off is waste.

For a couple reason:

  1. You should be getting everything at the target thats wasted movement
    2.It you don’t stablize the leg and that could lead to injury’s because it puts the presure on the arm to decelerate

i was watching a front view of papelbons delivery and he throws across his body slightly…

all of them do ^


Is it just me, or is that that Paps actually has the same rotation power as Zumaya? He does look like falling off in the first pitch of that video.

Any way, I think getting everything on the straight line is being linear rather than rotational. There might be slight rotational movement on linear pitching, but it doesn’t give off as much power as rotational.

It’s like hitting: rotational swing has better power and speed than linear swing

They fall off because their front leg is stiff and straight.

It also has to do with rushing. There are some who fall off because they don’t get their throwing arm up before their front foot lands.

everyone needs to look at the best 2 pitchers of all time ROGER CLEMENS AND NOLAN RYAN they don’t fall off.

Nolan Ryan threw hard, that doesn’t make him the greatest pitcher.
His career win percentage is barely over .500, and you can’t say he was just on bad teams cause the other guys in the rotation had a win percentage in the high .400’s.

Something to think about.

How about Bob Gibson. The man had a 1.12 ERA for the SEASON. He made them lower the mound to inches because he was so dominant. Gibson went flying off the mound.

im talking about the steriod ERA here it’s alot harder to pitch now from 90-present then way back then.

Thats why I said Roger Clemens and Nolan Ryan

Ryan was almost never more than a half run better than the average league ERA, and even worse than the average during the prime of his career.

Johan Santana has been regularly more than 2 runs better than the league ERA.
Greg Maddux was 2 runs better throughout his entire career, and even 3+ runs better some years. (Something Ryan did like once).

ERA means everything. Wins and strikeouts means little compared to ERA. Offense and pitching are two totally different things. The lower your ERA the better chance of your team to winning. If you want to look at the best pitching you have to find the one with the lower ERA. Just becuase someone is good at strikeing out doens’t mean anything. A strikeout and a ground out or pop-up are worth the exact same thing. Runs win games a run is a run is a run.

I also noticed that Andy Pettite seems to really throw across his body? It’s odd I’m not sure if it’s just me or he does throw across his body