Power pitcher vs contact hitter

As a power pitcher now how should I set up a hitter thats not that good but can foul pitches off I noticed hitters that aren’t looking to foul off a couple really are hard on me.

My pitches are:

4-seam {most kids foul it off or swing and miss no big hits}
splitter {My off-speed pitch goes straight then in the dirt}
Big Curve {My strike out pitch but they seem to foul it off alot}

how can i get the hitters that aren’t power hitters but foul off and swing for contact out?

I get them out but I want to do better verse them.

I like you are mainly a power pitcher and I went up into the higher grades because of this. I found it hard at the start to get outs. But i realised you have to think like a hitter to beat a hitter. on a 2-0 pitch a normal hitter expects a fastball or changeup, so id throw a curve. it doesnt matter if it misses because they realise they dont no wat your going to throw.

I also have a massive curveball, i use to have a 12-6 but i got rid of it for a slow as curveball cos its more effective. I throw 80mph as a average, with this 54 mph curveball. you can see how hard that would be to hit.

Get into there heads, dont let them know or dictate the pitches your going to throw. And most of all show them whos there daddy

Let him put it into play just keep the pitch low so that it will probably be on the ground. Maybe get them chasing high heat?