Power Hour

How many of you have ever done a “Power Hour” Workout? Or even heard of a Pwr Hour Wrkout? (and Im not talking about the drinking game).

I’m just curious as to whether it has reached other colleges/universities yet? or maybe even some high schools?

Its an amazing workout; although for about the first 7 or 8 times you go it just seems like the instructor is torturing you (our instructor/leader is the school’ fitness/training director). Then, as soon as you get used to the pain/strain/and sweat and it starts to feel a bit easier, he changes the stuff you do and speeds it up so that its even harder then it was your first few times. But I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t payoff; after the first 4 workouts my bench went up 25lbs and my max out for pull ups went from 9 to 16.

In case your curious, I’ll give you the overview of what Pwr Hour is…

…pwr hour is a non-stop, hour long torture session of a workout that focuses on enhancing your athletic abilities and overall cardio health/strength/quickness/flexibility/power/agility/reactions/and explosiveness. The workout covers all bases and includes parts from yoga/weight lifting/resistance training(bands)/body weight exercises/plyometrics/and sparq training. Also, it really is a non-stop workout; you get no breaks (unless you have to puke or pass out, but even then most people try to push through it) and you get only 3 to 5 seconds to get from one station to the next, so you have to sprint between each station.

What d’you guys think? And have you ever done it?

Geez, I would try that in a heartbeat, except that I am restricted to working out in my garage. When I’m old enough to join the Y and work out there(I have to be 16), I’ll try that.

I joined the Y near my house when I was 14. You can fudge the age, they dont ask for your birth certificate. Just change the birth year and your all set. They really dont care, its all liability stuff, so just dont get hurt.

i am 12.

Lmao, my bad dude.

No problamo. Thing is, I’m pretty tall for my age, I’m like 5’4". I’m taller than most of my teachers.

Sounds a lot like CrossFit’s metabolic conditioning programs. Or X-Gym.

They’re alright. It’s not something you can keep up forever.