Power Hip Trainer


I was wondering if anyone has heard of the Power Hip Trainer. If so, if its effective and a good choice to use.


Would you mind linking to it? I found lots of results on Google, but I’m not sure which one you are referring to.


I know that velocity won’t increase within 12 minutes, but is this a good tool?


Somax really developed this idea as a training device for golf.
The hip rotation in golf, tennis, swinging a bat and pitching are not very different. The hips are generally undertrained I think. There are several devices (belts using bands) as hip trainers on the market. The first one I am aware of (this may not be accurate) was Dr. Michael Yesis in 1999 with his excellent book Explosive Golf. He sold a hip belt with resistance bands to help teach proper hip lead, separation and rotation.
The Somax could provide some benefit I am sure…10 MPH in 12 minutes is clearly a cheesy, unrealistic sales pitch.
Lantz Wheeler (who posts on LTP) has a belt he is selling to help develop velocity and body control…do some research, see which makes the most sense in terms of potential benefit and cost.
In the Somax video it appears the belt is more around his waist than his hips…the rotation etc should really be from the hips.


That looks like a Dickie Mills contraption. Not sure how effective it is. I have hitters perform a hip turn drill that looks a lot like that…minus the contraption, of course. I just have them put a bat behind their back and get them to stride and fire the back hip at a ball on a tee. The drill he’s doing at around 5 mins is almost exactly the batting drill I have them do. I never thought about having them go in the counter direction…I guess that makes sense to increase the hip range of motion. I’ll have to make that change. I know it allows kids to hit the ball harder after they do this drill.


Speaking of Dick Mills, not sure if most people are aware that he passed away about 10 days ago. Love him or hate him, he was one of the big-time pitching “gurus”, and it is sad to hear of his passing at only 70 years of age.


I was wondering why Ryan had started sending me emails recently instead of Dick. Sorry to hear the news.


Very sad indeed. He challenged strongly held beliefs in the development of baseball pitchers, and I would argue moved the discussion forward considerably through his website, programs and materials for nearly 20 years. Rest in peace.


Very sad, indeed. RIP Mr. Mills.