Power Curve

How do you throw a power curve? I don’t really want a loopy curve like Barry Zito. I really want a curve with a lot of bite, much like Tim Linceceum. Does anyone know how to throw one and can anyone teach me? I know it can really be a real weapon in terms of pitching.

Here is K-Rod’s power curve.

I throw a powercurve. All you need to do is just launch it as hard as possible with a tight spin.

Very astute description

Doesn’t that hurt your arm when you do that? It seems like it would put a lot of stress on the elbow.

Look at K-Rod’s elbow at release. It’s not fully extended. Elbow injuries will happen when you fully extend the elbow while the hand is supinated. Look at him pronate after release.

You guys are a little dillusional about a power curve. It’s still a curve, it’s just thrown harder than a loopy one. Zito has a loopy curve because he throws 83 mph on his heater. He still throws is curve hard, he just doesn’t get the revs on the ball that lincecum does caused by his hand speed. In other words, is you want a serious power curve (a hard curveball) it’d be a good idea to start throwing mid 90’s.


In A Lefty’s Legacy, it is mentioned that Koufax’s curve would have 14-15 revolutions compared to 12-13.

hammer speaks the truth. you get a hard curveball because you throw a hard fastball. you keep your fastball arm speed and that generates ball speed. someone throwing loopy curveballs like barry zito thoug his kind of doing it on purpose, slowing is arm a little. basically throw your curve hard and thats how hard you will throw it. there’s no such thing as a power curve.

something you might want to try is the knuckle curve the grip tends to help you throw it harder and with more late break. most power pitchers use it (aj burnett, justin verlander, jason isringhausen, a lot more)

Zito’s curve may not be moving fast, but it has a lot of bite.

Hard curve balls are great when they work, but if you hang them they are home run pitches. This is because they are located waist high.

Curveball masters like Tom Gordon throw both varieties.

I think guys who do this best generally throw from over the top, and any curve fast or slow that does not have good bite is a bad pitch.


Yeah a good example is Livan Hernandez, He’ll throw curves from like 60 to 75 he only throws upper 80’s but you can throw curves at different speeds to keep the hitter off balance. So a “power curve” is not necessarily better than a big slow curve. I like to think of a 12-6 curve in the 80’s more of as a slider but thats just me :lol:

Yeah , I can see your point, but for me if it does not spin like a bullet, it isnt a slider. Aaron Harang of the Reds throws a “down breaking slider” so what is he really throwing?

BTW if you ever get to watch this guy pitch-take the opportunity. He gets very little press, but is an awesome pitcher. Ian.

sometimes you have to stop thinking too much about what the pitch is called and just throw it. get a good grip, throw it hard and whatever if its a slider or a curve, its just a hard breaking ball.

Amen To that just snap hard follow through hard and it should break hard.