Power Curve-ball

Right now I have a pretty good arsonal.

12-6 loopy curve-ball

I think to change-up I should Have 2 kinds of curve-balls a loopy one and a Power one. I don’t really know the right way to throw a power curve-ball. Should I keep the same grip and rip down on the ball harder to get that tight rotation?

Also does the power curve put more pressure on the arm/shoulder? Also would it be safe for a 15 going to be 16 year old to throw a power curve like tim lincecum?


do you have your stats from last year?

where are you from
what is the name of your team and level of competition.
how many innings
% of strikes and balls
strike outs
major tournaments you’ve pitched in.
majors level teams you’ve faced and how did you do.

what is the velocity of your pitches (i know you’ve posted your fastball, but there’s more to it than that)

it’s the time of year to evaluate where you are, what you need to work on (which is what you’re doing and that’s good) and how to get better.

you may not need another pitch, may need to refine and develop what you have. if you have a major mechanical flaw you may break no matter what you do. (as you throw harder you may break also (at least 1/2 of all major league pitchers do at some point throwing at 85+ velocity and something to think about)

won’t know until you look at the stats and post a video clip at least from the side and ideally from the side, back. behind the mound and the plate.

then you can get some very good advice (that you may or may not want to use) to build your personal program.

this is how serious, elite level players develop what they do, then the difference between the elite levels and the wanna-be’s are the elite level guys do it. lots of people have a plan, few put in the effort that most other people will not do. people who get it done are called ballplayers and champions .

i’ll help you if you’ll do these things.

Ok some things I need to work on are…

Fastball command of sinker and 4-seam {every pitcher trys to get better at that}
Change-up is fine with mechanics and arm speed need to work on control.
Curve-ball is fine just need to be able to throw it better to left handed hitters.

I play for town team that is SIBL or My Town which ever league has my age. 15 years old throwing 70-74 right now but i look to get to 78-80 by spring also 5 months of training. Also play for my high school looking to start on JV. Also have played in some big tounreys one was Triple crown event where I pitched good vs NEw York but lost because of bad defence and not good hitting. Also I pitched great vs South Coast of Mass. I’ve played fall ball for town and next year I look to play leagin in the summer.

Mostly I’m training pretty hard to get to 80 so that most kids will not be able to hit me and I can use my change-up to get them to ground out or my curve-ball to strike them out.

78-80 is my goal and im determinated to get that goal.

Well I could just try to throw the curve-ball i have harder and see what happens maybe.

RiStar, hate to say it, but to have a power curveball like Lincecum or Beckett, you have to throw hard. You need the hand speed on the baseball. Your curveball will be loopy until you progress with your hand speed. Even Zito has a loopy curveball. Yeah it has tons of break, but it is loopy and his velocity is down in the 86 range. Power curveballs come from incredible hand speed.

Ristar, you should throw your breaking ball hard to try and get late break, extension, and tightness on the pitch. Ofcourse your curveball is going to be loopy if you don’t throw it hard.

just visited your website. that is quite impressive for someone 15 years old to study and accomplish. sent you an e-mail.

striving for 80 is a great goal, there is no substitution for arm strength, but i know a buch of 15s throwing 80+ that get rocked. you must do something unexpected to get guys out. 80+ from 60’ will not do it.

80+ with an off=speed and getting ahead of hitters will do it.

can you get your pitching stats. that would be helpful. from your previous work it looks like you want to get better and are not afraid to work (characteristics of a champion)

good luck and look forward to the information and video.

Where did you send the email to? jay21328@aol.com??

Also I don’t keep track of stats but I know that I’ve won a good amount of games and I keep getting better and better. I do understand what you are saying about 80 mph but I do have some nasty off-speed stuff so the 80 would just make me dominiate. I understand how to get hitters out and look for weakness in there swing and batting stance. Most of time I throw a pretty good game it’s just teams I play for lol have no d fence or offence beside a couple people and me.

I have not recieved the email try to resend it if you could to Jay21328@aol.com

Dusty Delso I sent you an email back ok so just reply when you can ok.