Ok, so I am very happy with my mechanics, but like all of us we are trying to understand and get better.

my question is about the middle of the delivery. I notice when i am striding i tend to bend at the waist and my chest leans toward third base. when looking at mlb player there back is relative straight…or flat.

here are some pics of what i am talking about in my delivery. when i compare to a mlb pitcher i think the beginning and foot plant to Finnish are pretty similar, just not the stride. what are your thoughts and opinions
the first 3 are what im talking about, my last are just my delivery. last picture is double i messed up. youtube channel is gcddarren. I posted my stats just in case people think i cant pitch due to pics.

                      ERA   W-L   APP  GS  CG SHO/CBO SV    IP    H    R  ER  

26 Darren.g… 1.63 4-3 13 7 3 1/2 3 66.1 38 13 12

5 43 6 0 0 224 .170 1 4 0 0 9

Your body getting into that bent posture is what Tom House calls the “posture paradox” which say that no matter what posture you start in, your body will find that posture for which it has the strength to maintain. The real issue is the east-west movement your body makes during your delivery as it adjusts to that posture. That movement in directions other than towards home plate can affect control and misdirect energy. The fix is simple - start in that posture. Then your body won’t have to make any movements in directions other than toward home plate.

I agree with you own analysis of the middle of your delivery, staying taller through this will help you throw “down” through the zone and not lower and flatter. The higher the angle you can acheive at release the harder it is for the batter to pick up as it travels toward the plate.

I feel you could correct this issue with staying taller on the back leg at this point of your delivery.


Some background information …

    Your brain automatically responses to your inner ear’s balance mechanism. As soon as your inner ear senses an imbalance, your Mind instinctively readjusts your posture to get your Body back in balance.
From my extensive experience with pitching chain Arm/Leg interactions tells me …
    As you move out of your Starting Position, your weight distribution in your Starting Position instinctively triggers your inner ear to do something to keep your Body in balance. In your motion, that something becomes you bending at the waist
To stop bending, I recommend your begin your motion from a more dynamic Starting Position … a Starting Position where your weight is evenly distributed and any Arm/Leg movement prompts a response (not an action, but a reaction) in your Back Leg.

Good luck moving forward.

L.A. “Skip” Fast
Pro Pitching Institute