Posting Videos

This is for everyone who post videos to be reiviewed. If its not a game situation its probably not a good video to post. Also if its not a game situation and your posting atleast put some effort into your throws. Dont try and do it perfect because you want to look good, and you want to be told your mechanics are aweomse. Seriously if your gonna throw by all means throw the crap out of it. I know when I was young and I still do this when I pitch is just throw the damn thing with 110 percent. That is why game situation videos are probably the best. Also your dry throwing in your bedroom in your house with no baseball is worthless. So stop doing it.

Sorry I just needed to rant because its annoying when someone wants there mechanics reviewed and theres no meaning in there throws, or its in there house and the lights are dim, and you can year Marvin Gaye in the backround. Just kidding on the Marvin Gaye part. But seriously give us a video worth reviewing.

I confess…

No but I actually see some value for me personally in dry throwing. My lower body action stays almost identical, though upper body action does change considerably without a ball. I’ll try to stop harassing you guys with those dry throwing videos though, and just use them for my own personal benefit.

See there is nothing wrong with dry throwing. Its only when people want to get evaluated they probably shouldnt post those kind of videos. People will always say things like, ‘’ Yeah I changed my mechanics,’’ and they show themselves going slow, and no ball, also no effort. Then they post a video of a game situation and there mechanics are diffrent from what they posted earlier. So whats a better gauge as to what there mechanics really look like.

If a person posts a game video its a better gauge as what to fix mechanically. A person is not thinking about working on hip and shoulder seperation in a game, and a person is throwing max effort. Dry throwing is a tool to help improve mechanics.