Posting from Alaska

Sorry for the long delay in postings, but I have been here in Kenai, Alaska playing in the ABL so I have not been able to keep up here on whats going on in the forum.

I hope summer baseball is going well for everyone, and if you have PMed me within the last 3 weeks I am very sorry for not being able to get to them as my host family has dialup internet and it takes me 45min to load this page.

Alaska is great, moose are everywhere and the baseball here is fantastic. I have been able to see a lot of cool things, and I am very thankful I brought my digital camera with me.

I will try and answer some of the questions people always ask me when I call them.

#1 Is it really light there 24hrs out of the day?

No, its like for like 22.5 hrs out of the day :lol: but it never really gets dark. Its like 5:00 light all day long and then the sun barely dips below the horizon at like 2:30 am and then comes back up so its kind weird.

#2 Whats alaska like?

TONS OF MOOSE! I see moose on the side of the road like they were deer. They just chill along side of the road, or sometimes they decide they want to take stroll in the middle of it. It never really gets overly warm either. Its about 65 degrees at the highest so far, and about 25 at the lowest. So far it has rained everyday but one, but the scenary is absolutly beautiful. No matter where you go, and where you look there is a mountain/volcano staring right back at you. I had the weird feeling of being in a 3.9 earthquake early in the morning. That was different.

I like alaska, and it seems that everyone here fishes and hunts. I have been fishing a few times but havent caught anything. I am going King Salmon and Halibut fishing here within the week and the King Salmon can get up to 100lbs and the Halibut can get up to 400lbs (biggest one ever caught here was 650!)

So far I am enjoying it, and if you or your son has a chance to play in the ABL for a summer, I really highly recommend it. Its a blast and the competition is unreal.


I know what it is like to have dial-up.