Post your regular season numbers

I think most Highschool seasons are winding down right now, atleast in New England they are, so put up the stats you’ve accumulated this year.

Mine, as a Junior ace pitcher for our 13-7 squad (Off year for us)

5 Wins/3 Losses
1.81 ERA
46.3 IP
48 K
31 H
25 BB
Whip 1.21
3 CG
1 Shut Out

Breakout year for me statistically, I just need to cut my walk totals down a bit, but otherwise I was extremely pleased with the way my season went. Oh and of my 3 losses, 1 was a late inning relief effort, and in the other 2, I gave up a grand total of 3 ER over the two games, and got 1 run scored for me… so yeah lol highschool baseball is awesome.

2 games
1 IP
0.00 ERA
1 K
1 BB
5 runners stranded
I was our “oh s*** we’re getting blown out” guy witch never happened but when I got in I did my job

I have to go way back with this, to the years that I played, and so I will give you a typical example of what I did in a season.
Games pitched—12 as a starter (all complete games), 7 in relief
Strikeouts—averaged 7 a game
Walks—4 or 5 over the course of a season
Hits—averaged 2 or 3, none for extra bases
And I did it without benefit of a fast ball! I threw a lot of snake jazz.
Ah…those were the days.

So far (remember legion no hs ball in Wyoming)

1 game
1 inning
3 unearned runs
0.00 ERA
0 K’s

Highschool stats(as a freshman with 3 pitchers above me)

2 Games
2 2/3 IP
4 hits

So far this year as my rec league ace

2 games
7 2/3IP
10 hits
5 Earned runs

the hits are so high from my last game. jammed a bunch of kids and they beat out about 8 or 9 slow rollers and just kept coming home. first game was a 2 hitter with 16K’s in 7 innings.

At a JC

7 starts

45.2 IP
12 ER

My 12 year old son’s summer league numbers so far.

IP - 22.3
H - 6
R -19
K - 55
BB - 13
HB - 6

Not sure how many of the runs are earned vs unearned, my best guess would be 5 earned runs. Passed balls are a killer at this age, a walk is almost certian to score.

Passed balls are a killer at any age. Remember when Casey Stengel once said in response to an inquiry as to why he picked a catcher as his first draft choice as manager of the newly minted Mets: “You have to have a catcher, otherwise you’ll have a lot of passed balls.” :slight_smile: