Post workout meals

So, what do you guys think are the best post workout meals. I don’t have access to protein shakes or anything like that. So any food that has high protein and stuff like that?

big glass of chocolate milk is a favorite of mine. It’s got protein, carbs and sugar to help get your muscle glucose levels back up so you don’t feel weak the rest of the day. oh and did i mentions its freakin delicious!

go to sams club and buy a 5lb bag of EAS Whey Protein powder. 30$ but it will last you a long time and its cheaper per unit and for the quality than most powders

for carbs dextrose/maltodextrin is popular. I use

buy a shaker bottle for 5 bucks

for post workout you’re supposed to have a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein.

if you can afford chocolate milk you can afford this too. it’s cheap considering how much it costs per serving.