Post-workout drink

Hey everybody,

So after I workout I find that if I drink something sugary I recover better as in I don’t feel as tired later then if I just drink water. But I’m looking for stuff other than diet soda (Which I have been drinking afterwards) and gatorade to drink. Preferable something healthier than those two. For example would orange juice be good?

Apple juice. Plenty of energy in apples, and not as much acid as oranges. Or a mixed fruit drink. V8 splash is really nice.

protein and carbs, gentlemen

SO IMPORTANT to ensure that within the immediate 30 - 60 post workout minutes that you get some protein in you. Try to identify a flavor and brand that you like and can afford and start to adopt that asap.

Gatorade Recover is a great drink.

This guy isn’t even out of high school and he’s already working for Gatorade! Haha it may be that it’s a great drink but you can eat and drink other things that do the same for your body.

I just trying to say, something that will replace the sugars in your body, and rehydrate you.

What I used to do—after a game I would have a chocolate malted and take a multivitamin with it. 8)

as for Gatorade being an “optimal” post-workout drink…

Gatorade is classic but vitamin water will also do the trick. G2 is also good


might have misread your question. Anyways you asked what you should have after a workout, i have:

1 scoop and a half of protein whey
2 bananas
250ml of milk

50g of protein, around 80g of carbs and about 400 calories.

So ya i have found out that this works best for me. Put it in the blender and it works well.

on days where i am completely exhausted and want to just relax and am feeling lazy:

1L of milk- 32g of protein, 50g of carbs
1 banana- 30g of carbs

total: 32g of protein, 80g of carbs

2:1 carb:protein ratio and you’re set.

Any type of protein supplement mixed with chocolate milk is the ideal recovery drink. I am a big guy (6’6’’ 235lbs) and I make a protein shake with 40g protein and two cups chocolate milk. Best recovery drink I have come across.