Post Pitching Routine?

A question that I wanted to ask you was about a post-pitching routine. I know that in your book it talks about the ARM rest and the different self massages that you can give yourself. What do you recommend for directly after pitching? Ice? Ibuprofen? Does Ibuprofen actually do anything for a pitchers arm? I see the plenty of day after workouts that a pitcher can use for the next day regarding workouts but I’'m more asking for the night after I pitch.

I know that I kind of just threw a lot at you and I’'m sorry. Thank you for your time and hopefully a timely response.

Thank You.

You can go on runs the day of, and do some resistance band workouts, anything that lets the blood flow in the arm helps move some of the Lactic acid out. One of my coaches always talks about a 24 hour window to get the bulk of it out. Obviously thats not specific to every individual or situation. One thing that I do that always seems to make my arm feel good is hang it. I’ll hook my finger on some thing and just let my arm hang there for a while. One coach i had called it “lymphatic drainage”, no idea what that is and if anyone knows I’d be glad to know