Post of the Year Candidates!


This thread is solely dedicated to the best posts of 2009. I will make the first nomination, and a new post can be added at any time. Feel free to discuss whether you like or dislike a nomination. No offense will ever be taken. If it gets hostile, the pissing contest thread is always available.


This post was posted by Dusty in HasBeen’s slutter thread.

“pitches can be like girlfriends, what works for one guy may not work for another guy. but some work for everybody. it’s kind of like what casey stengal said, i made up my mind, and i made it up both ways.”

This is the first nominated post for “Post of the Year”. What a great post, it’s clear and right on the button!


This post was made by Mr. Lee in the Hello thread.

kbpitcher38 wrote:
It’s been awhile since I’ve been on. LTP doesn’t work on my dad’s internet for some reason What all have I missed?

“Obama is president now… kelvin still makes the best posts out of anyone on the site… pistulio has been roaming too much youtube instead of his cattle… jdfromfla had a great arguemtn with OLeary and pretty much made him cry, but then it got locked… anybody got anything else?”

This is classic Mr. Lee right here!

Great Post sir.


haha niiiiiiiice


I like both nominees. I guess I really do have to make my mind up both ways.