Post Labrum surgery Cure for my player and the road back

My son a D1 catcher tore his labrum and rehabbed it in every way with trainers prp shots stem streching acupuncture cupping and everything else to come back. After the end of his 2nd missed season 15 months and still throwing with pain even though he was physically a lot stronger in his shoulders. He spent this summer at the beach and started surfing every day with my brother. He had shut down throwing for a month and a half and when he started back no pain more power. He had told me paddling in rough water had broken up scar tissue that he was unable to do throwing and in rehab. When he came home he was noticeably larger and very tone through the shoulders. I told him he should have documented his journey and made a case study for his orthopedic surgeon to recomend to others struggling with this problem since his degree was in sports medicine and was interning for another orthopedic surgeon at the time to complete his degree. There is something to that upper body core workout while paddling in the water snd balancing on a board at the same time working all the small muscles in that area. It worked for him wished he had started it earlier now his red shirt senior season . Not much fun going from starting catcher to DH only you learn to be a good team mate. So he has a lot of ground to make up and hopefully have a great senior year this coming season .

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Tom House has also spoken highly of the benefits of surfing (specifically the paddling) to pitchers.

Lots of core and internal rotation strengthening. No doubt he was strengthening the Lats, and also strengthening the core in a rotational/diagonal fashion very beneficial to throwing

Is your son tall?

In my empirical research I find that many taller ball players/pitchers specifically, have weaker Lats and core due to their shear body length…they have such long lever arms to create force, but the muscles themselves aren’t that strong.

Happy he’s feeling better. Best of luck!

He is 6’ but still throwing without pain his speed is 90-95% which we hope by the time the season rolls around will allow him his starting spot again. I have told him to stick with what got in there and use a boogie board in the pool if that’s what he needs to do during the winter… Dr. Elrod said this all probably started from high school football tear / fray so I don’t know that he’s ever been a hundred percent healthy and for how long he’s been playing with pain. It will be interesting to see what his new shoulder will allow him to do this last season he had a sub 2 pop time hope he will be there or maybe better. You are right that upper body core from surfing had him the strongest and most tone through the shoulders that i have ever him in. He now has a degree in sports medicine and has been through everything possible to rehab his labrum also interned with an orthopedic surgen this summer that was also impressed with his surfing recovery. Think he could do a case study going on it he really likes to surf now too!

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