Possibly The Fastest Fastball in History!

The ordinance device clocked the ball going 98.7 mph as it crossed the plate. So that means it was going ~107 mph when it left Feller’s hand. Also keep in mind he pitched the day before so his velocity might be down a little. Possibly he could have been throwing (on a good day, well rested,etc.) around 110. Just have to say WOW!!!

Just tossing this in there, when they show you the speed on a gun at the park, is that from when it laves the hand or crosses the plate?

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Its ok this confuses alot of people. On tv and at the ballpark they show you the speed of the ball as it leaves the hand. Welcome to the forums.

So it’s generally 7-8 MPH slower as it crosses the plate?

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And yes in generally is.

There’s no real way to exactly how fast it left his hand, as far as I know. There’s so many environmental and personal variables that determine the amount a fastball either “rides” aka stays fast or reduces in speed.

If there is some sort of physics formula I’d like to see it, though.

Very true, back then they didn’t have radar guns so this was the best thing there was. Normally there is a 7-8 mph decrease (from what I’ve seen on MLB Gameday (not the best source))