Possibly a Knuckleball Thread

I think although a lot of people may throw pitches, some of the people who would need more help would look for it, because the knuckleball is a hard pitch to learn, and especially master, I know I’ve been toying with one for a while now and I still can’t get it to do anything except barely spin. Maybe “The Master” Pustulio could start a Knuckleball mastery / FAQ Thread to help all of the Knuckleheads out there?

pretty please? :baseballpitcher:

Well I’m not exactly a master myself although I do appear to be the most knowledgeable of the knuck on this forum. Now what you need to understand first off is that you won’t always see movement from your standpoint, sometimes I’ll think it sucks and my catcher will be like “JOZU!”. The Niekros never could explain it either, especially Phil. He said he just never could see the movement but I mean even from behind him you see it better than the pitcher. Heck one time I gave one 1 1/2 rotations and was like “ack” but my coach was behind me and was like “Wow, 4 hops and a dip, that’s sick!”.

So I guess I can start a thread Lizard. Trust me though I won’t always have the answers, I can however discuss some of the ones I don’t get with some guys like Dave Clark (author of “The Knucklebook”), Bill Downs (former MILB knuckler), Andrew Connor (college knuckler) and Jon Secrist (current independent league knuckler). They have a lot of insight and I got a lot of my knowledge from them.

You also have to understand I have studied pitching for a long time but I don’t have a whole bunch of experience on the mound as my coaches have always been reluctant to put a knuckler on the mound. I have some experiences but not as much as some of you have.


Yes kelvin that is a great site and one I would recommend to anyone who is seriously considering or has a burning desire for learning to throw a consistent knuck.