Possible UCL tear, Need Help

Good Afternoon,
I’m a junior LHP from Connecticut: 5’10 170lbs
I recently might have torn my ucl in a game while pitching. My highschool season is about over and I’m about to start Summer ball for my AAU team: Coastal Connecticut Baseball; a very prestigious program. I have an MRI Tuesday and if it is torn, I’m in a very difficult place. Tommy John surgery can take up to 18 months, which I will have graduated highschool by then. As a college prospect, I need help as to who’s to proceed playing college baseball and surgery. I have great off speed pitches and my two seam sits about 82 with nice late break. I’ve talked to a few universities so far but I feel I won’t stick with a scholarship if I have this injury, what do I do?

Don’t wait. Make an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in these injuries and go see him right away; get X-rays and an MRI and find out just what is going on. If TJ surgery is indicated, go for it, and take as much time as is needed to recover and rehab. If other measures will do the trick, follow the doctor’s instructions. But do SOMETHING!

Thanks! I’m so worried about the recruiting process now. My grades are great but I doubt a 4 year will give me a scholarship. Redshirt Freshman? Or rehab, throwing program at a good two year then transfer like Housatonic CC or Norwalk CC?

If the doctor says it’s a partial tear, you don’t have to necessarily get surgery. TJ surgery costs a lot but if you have the time, go for it. I had a partial tear and I was able to throw 3 months afterwards (I do not recommend throwing) but with a small pain after every throw so I rested another 3 months and was fine. Just don’t rush yourself.

IF its torn and you require surgey the door is not closed for getting into a school for College Ball.

It’s a more difficult process, but you can land a spot and be red shirted due to the injury.

Keep being proactive with the process and be up front with the Coaches about your injury.

This happens more then people think.

Yea I’m honestly motivated if tomorrow I found out its torn. I want to get my arm and body in shape and keep it strong. I’m going to keep an open mind through the whole process into recruiting, I feel it will be much more strenuous

How’d the results turn out?