Possible Translation?

Hey guys.

Well, when I’m not pitching I usually play LF or RF. When I throw hard and disregard some control I find that the ball will move to my right (i throw right) so sometimes I have to compensate just in case.

I don’t believe I am gripping the ball any differently that I would when I throw my 4s FB. This usually happens when I am shagging balls or just practicing so its not like I am just throwing the ball with any grip; I’m taking my time and shuffling the ball in my hand.

My question is whether there is a way to transition this to pitching. Its almost like I’m throwing a 2s FB that moves in but with a 4s grip (reverse-cutter?). Thanks.

ur doing what? :lol:

OffSet, that was a little unnecessary, but so freakin hilarious! i cant stop laughing now. :lol: :lol: :lol:

use three fingers ! When i play outfield i have the same problem.

grip it kinda like 3 finger change up but dont close ur pinkie and thumb:) straight balls for me :slight_smile:


ummmm i dont no it could be just natural movement on your fastball. or because your lose in the outfield, can take a crow up and what not. or maybe the faster you throw your getting more movement.

No idea what to change though. Maybe smoth out your delivery, throw a little faster, and boom that movement. lol idn.