Possible shoulder issue


This has been an issue very recently where my shoulder has felt a little weaker. It is on and off where it feels weaker in the front part of the shoulder. When rotating my shoulder In a circle or pinching my shoulders back it makes a small
Clicking or cracking sound sometimes. Some days it feels fine but others it feels a little weak when throwing off the mound. Before I could throw a lot of pitches and be fine and I could still throw a lot of pitches but I feel weaker after fewer pitches than before. I have also noticed a small decrease in velocity this season. I throw 3/4 slot by the way with a little shorter arm swing. Any suggestions or insight on this issue? I am thinking it could be just an issue of strengthing my shoulder from throwing all these years, but I am all ears for any other theories.


Might be a slight case of dead arm. It used to happen to me every once in a while.

In an article titled, “Coming Back from Dead Arm”, by Ryan Sienko of the NPA, says:

“Since dead arm is a deficit issue, it is counter productive to work harder to cure it. Many pitchers overwork into a ‘black hole’ that is difficult from which to return. Ultimately they and their coaches are convinced that dead arm is due to not enough work, when in fact it is just the opposite. The body has been put in a deficit from over use. Dead arm is a result of this deficit which is the body’s way of not letting us overextend it. The body is basically trying to protect itself from injury.”

You can read more about some possible solutions here: