Possible injury

Hi guys, I posted something like this before recently but I am looking for new insight. I posted about inner elbow pain and If it was anything serious. I got a good response saying it was probably a mechanical thing about my arm motion and that could be causing the pain. I have worked with a pitching coach and have fixed the arm mechanics but I still feel pain when I throw on my inner elbow and sometimes on the bottom of the elbow. Some other things I have felt is a little after I throw there is sometimes pain and when I fully extend it there is a little popping noise at the bottom of the elbow but no pain. I also have been getting stronger and fixing my mechanics but not gaining velocity. I am guessing that even though my arm mechanics and arm angle has changed, I have already done some damage from the past. I have thought about maybe minor medial epicondylitis or something. If anyone has any insight or questions at all that would he appreciated.

You have been posting about your arm injuries since April 2015, and there is no indication in any of your posts that you have taken the advice to see an orthopedic doctor. If and when you do, let us know what he says.