Possible Injury?

i was curious of what people thought, so please vote!!

There has been a lot of discussion—and a lot of controversy surrounding it—concerning the age at which young pitchers should start throwing breaking pitches such as the curveball and the slider. There are those who think that kids under seventeen have no business throwing anything but a fast ball and a changeup—and while some may be right, others are way off base. I say it depends on the individual pitcher, how strong the arm is, whether s/he can handle such a pitch. There are a few pitchers who have a natural curve or slider, and if they’re doing all right with either pitch and not screwing up the arm in the process, let them continue to use it—the important thing is to show them how to throw these pitches correctly. I for one had a “built-in” curve that came attached to my natural sidearm delivery, and when I was sixteen I learned the slider—my instructor was an active major-league pitcher who threw a very good one. I did all right with both pitches; however, some kids who hare having trouble with the curve may find that they’ll do much better with the slider, because the latter is actually easier on the shoulder and arm (especially if one throws sidearm, as I did).
So. Just go with what feels right, get good instruction in how to throw those pitches, and keep getting the batters out!

good way of thinking about it. well it doesnt help with me getting help from other people cuz i just live with my mom and my brother says that my curveball doesnt curve and my 12-6 curve, he says i just lob it (which i dont cuz it works and it goes too fast to just be lobbed). He’s also pushing me way too hard to throw like in the 70’s.

Some people say that pitchers shouldn’t throw curveballs/sliders until age 16, others say that with proper mechanics a pitcher can start throwing curveballs/sliders at age 12.
It is commonly believed that throwing curveballs/sliders increases a pitcher’s risk of arm injury, whether this belief is true or not, I am not sure. I have also heard that throwing curveballs/sliders correctly puts no more stress on the arm than throwing fastballs.

well it really hasnt hurt my arm in any way. So i think that pretty much any age can throw sliders or curveball

Throw it right and it won’t hurt your arm. By the time you are 16 unless your fastball is out of control, it’s a great tool to have.

first of all, unless you throw 75mph or faster you cannot throw a real slider. next, the reason why you shouldnt pitch a curveball until you’re 15 is that first of all you are more likely to throw it wrong then right and the wrong way of throwing it are the most dammaging ones. and as you grow older, and you will probably play until you are AT LEAST 18 like most kids do then they get a job and most depart from it. but you need to have bood control on your good fastball and throwing curveballs is taking you away from this goal. finally, until batters reach 15-16 year old they arent good enough for you to need to throw anything else then a well placed fastball.

i feel if the kid is mature and has good strengthen and flexibility and is throwing with proper mechanics then theres nothing wrong with throwing a cb or sl. Oh and that there throwing a curve ball correct and not snapping their wrist

It all depends on the pitcher. If the pitcher is polished, has good mechanics, and does arm care work then why not.

On the other side, if hes not polished, has bed mechanics which can lead to injury, then no because he must clear these things up first before experimenting with off pitches.

Hmmmmmmm, well i throw a knuckle curve now, but same thing. My fastball is good, though, so i dont believe i have any worries