Possible Injury, Need Opinons


17 years old, LHP. Hadnt thrown more than 30 pitches and I pitched the first game of the year and threw 70. I was really sore the next day and our team played 6 more games in the next 4 days or so and I played the field in all the rest of those games. Ive had almost a week rest now and my arm is still not close to 100% and i have a large amount of tightness where my bicep connects to my forearm. Every time i throw hard it gets tight and hurts a lot and my arm is very fatigued even though ive had over a week to rest after all that throwing. Thoughts, opinions, comments?


It’s probably too tight and inflamed, but there’s no way to tell exactly. I’d reccomend taking it easy, stretching the area out, icing, and strengthening the supporting muscles. Seeing a doctor immediately wouldn’t hurt. I only give the aforementioned treatment in case you, like myself, can not/will not see a doc unless you think you have to. The elbow and surrounding joints/muscles/ligaments are serious stuff.

If you try to treat it yourself, you see no improvement in a month or so, definitely see a doc. I’m not saying it will be 100% then, but definitely not as bad.


Totally unprepared for the season to start.
Not surprised you are having issues.


Do you play a winter sport? Why weren’t you able to prepare better?


If you had not thrown more than 30, your coach should not have used you for much more than that number.
The problem with most short bus riding coaches is they think you can get loose a couple of times a week and you will be good to go come game time.

You must practice what you intend to perform. I would not be out there throwing 70 pitches in a game until I could throw at least 60 in a bullpen. (understand that bullpens will be a series of 10-20 pitch sets with 3-5 minutes of rest between sets)

This is how I prepare my pitchers and no arm strength issues at all. Some kids just can’t throw that many pitches at one time. There is nothing wrong with that either. These will just not be the starters. Only the kids who can give 65-85+ pitches can start.

Don’t let your coach do this stuff to you again. Take some ownership to get ready in the off-season if you know your coach is a DBag.


Sounds like brachial tendonitis. Ice, ibuprofen, stretching, running would be what I recommend. That and prepare better for the season