Possible elbow Injury


I just wondering if I could get some snap diagnosis’s and advice regarding a possible elbow injury.
I had a partial ucl tear last summer and was able to rehab it without surgery and played this summer with no issues although during spring I had some issues with ulnar neuritis. I shut down throwing for a couple weeks in September and restarted and pitched a couple innings in our fall scrimmages the last few weekends with no issues at all (arm felt best it has since injury previous summer).
I played softball this last Thursday night and on a throw home from outfield i felt a small strain/pull in forearm right below elbow then I had some discomfort in elbow for rest of night but no sharp pain or anything like that. I have not thrown since Thursday and my arm has been doing better every day. Today I have a small amount of discomfort if I push on my forearm where it was strained but normal movements are no issues. I have done the valgas stress test on my self with no discomfort or pain (although I am unsure if you can properly do it to yourself)
My questions are any ideas what injury could be/is it serious, I am a bit worried about a partial ucl tear? (I am going to doctor on Wednesday but I would love to hear other peoples experience with this)
I am considering just shutting down throwing for my fall season, there are 7 games left and just being a DH. So what would peoples advice be regarding shutting down for fall?


Go to doctor obviously, but in my experience with my two UCL tears that were partial was that I could not bend my arm straight the next couple weeks. This was only about a 5 to 10% tear as well.