Possibily ruining my pitching future?

Im a MMA fighter (amature) but i take alot of punches, kicks, knees, submissions as any fighter but what are some of your opions, do u think it could mess up my arm?

Of course it could. But if fighting is what you love doing … then do it. Everything in life is a balance of risk and reward.

The only thing you really need to watch out for are bent arm shoulderlocks, like Americanas and Kimuras. Those can tweak your shoulder really bad, and we have a couple guys that have never really been the same afterward. If you get put in that situation, tap out early rather than risk damage.

Other than that, you need to protect your hands. I see a lot of guys trying to block head or body kicks with an open hand, not a great idea. If you’ve ever seen the way Rampage Jackson blocks, that is a good way to emulate (Look up Crazy Monkey defense and Rodney King’s Straight Blast Gym Rodney King from South Africa, not the LAPD beating guy). Also learn how to wrap your hands like a boxer/kickboxer, dont just throw the gloves on without wraps.

yea, i know what u mean steve but i love pitching much more but fighting is another passion of mine but i love pitching!

oh yea my record is 17-2 14KO’s

Pssh my record is 18-1 with 15 KO’s. You know Chuck Norris? Yeah. I beat him up.

Dude, no one beats Chuck Norris. That would create a rip in space-time and destroy the universe because it simply CAN’T happen… and we are all still here…

They let 15 year olds fight in the amateurs?
And maybe you should be thinking about an MMA career? 14 KO’s is pretty impressive. Where do you train?

[quote=“Jasonlinaker”]Jason, 6’0 160 LBS 15 Yrs old.
4-Seam Fastball 70-76 MPH
2-Seam Fastball 70-74 MPH
Curveball 55-65 MPH
Changeup 58-63 MPH
Splitter 55-62 MPH
Forkball 55-60 MPH
Screwball 60-68 MPH
Knuckleball 38-45 MPH[/quote]

I’d be more worried about ‘throwing’ all those pitches at such a young age ruining your Pitching Future more then MMA Fighting.

One thing to keep in mind, IF you are actually serious about persuing College Baseball and beyond, you won’t be able to do MMA. I highly doubt a College Coach would allow you to do that with such a high risk of injury. It’s not a smart move on his behalf to give you scholarship money only to see you sit on the sidelines because you got knocked into next week.

Couldn’t agree more, BUT if you did what you claim [quote=“Jacobs 21”]You know Chuck Norris? Yeah. I beat him up.[/quote]

You’d be my new Hero!

[quote=“Spencer”][quote=“Jacobs 21”]

Dude, no one beats Chuck Norris. T[/quote]

4 words, kiddo: “Way Of The Dragon”. Look it up. Best fight ever filmed imho Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris in a fight to the death. Way cool.


Just say it on YouTube…Craaaaaaaazy!

Bruce Lee is beyond our universe. Nothing in our universe can beat chuck norris though or else the universe will implode.

LOL Nice save…


I’ll give ya that bro, he was amazing.

In fact, Chuck is only chuck because bruce lee taught him to chuck.

They let 15 year olds fight in the amateurs?
And maybe you should be thinking about an MMA career? 14 KO’s is pretty impressive. Where do you train?[/quote]

thanks, yea i was thinking about that.
i train in ju jitsu with a black belt, and a boxing trainer. and i go to the weight room lots now