Position recommendation?

alright so currently im 5’9" 160lbs. I play a little bit of 3rd base on varsity. I can hit pretty good and I have warning track power lol. I usually hit liners with a few grounders and popups. anyway im slow… really slow I have people who are 260lbs on my team who are as fast or faster than me. I have always been slow all my life. My arm is pretty good but pitching I only throw low 70’s. what position for me would fit me the best that maybe I could play
D2 or D1 baseball? thats my goal is to play baseball and major in sports medicine in college thanks… also I can stop grounders in practice, I field about 97% but in a game I choke, just yesterday I missed 3 ground balls and made a bad throw. please help me…

First of all, when you’re playing in a game, know…know that you can make the play. It doesn’t help if in your mind you’re really thinking “Oh dear God I hope he doesn’t hit it anywhere near me”.

As for pitching, if you work on your mechanics and get the velocity up about 10 mph (which should be fine no matter the age), you can be effective by changing speeds and locating. You will throw faster every year, that just happens. If you learn how to get hitters out now, think how much easier it will be with an 80 mph fastball that you can actually locate.

For other positions, you’re a little short to play catcher, but if you know the game well it doesn’t matter! You may not be fast, but quickness plays its role too…if you’re quick and have soft hands you can play pretty much anywhere in the infield. You could probably play the outfield too, again, its about knowing the game and knowing what to do with the ball (which comes with time…also, watching baseball on TV and paying attention to that stuff).

Just learn how to work hard and manage your time, you’ll need that going into D1/D2.