Portable mounds?

My son’s team (9U) plays a lot of games on NYC’s astroturf fields and we used a portable mound yesterday that was essentially a little hill.
The boys ended up with their front foot planting on flat ground, which seems like an injury risk to me.
I’d love to hear some suggestions for replacements or ideas for getting them used to the mounds without throwing too many pitches off of them.

Our town had a portable mound on each field that would be moved based on the age group as well as post holes dug for varying the base path lengths. The mounds were too steep for the youngsters and too short for the older kids. Finally, they installed a really long mound area with two places to secure an interchangeable pitcher’s plate. It has worked better, except for that some coaches don’t repair and water the mound after the game :frowning:

I suggest a dirt mound instead of a turf mound.

I hate portable mounds. :rant:

That said, I’d say that a mound that is so short that the pitchers plant on flat ground is better than a mound that is just short enough that pitchers plant right on the edge of the mound. In the latter case, pitchers will likely shorten their stride so they plant entirely on the mound and this will throw off their timing which can affect both performance and health.

Did I say I hate portable mounds?