Popping hip

Today while i was pitching i noticed everytime i lifted my leg up i heard a loud popping sound by hip and upper leg. Has this ever happened to anyone before?

From what you have described, it is possible that you may have snapping hip syndrome. To be sure you would have to be evaluated.
Snapping hip syndrome is a condition where you get a snapping sensation, and sometimes a ‘popping’ noise, when the hip is flexed and extended. The causes for snapping hip syndrome are usually due to inflamed tendons catching on bony prominences and “snapping” when the hip is moved.

The most common cause is a tight iliotibial band. The IT Band is a that long ligament that runs from the hip to the knee and can snap over the greater trochanter

The iliopsoas tendon, a hip flexor muscle tendon that passes just in front of the hip joint ,can catch on a bony prominence of the pelvis

The least common cause is a tear of the cartilage within the hip joint.

The treatment is usually STRETCHING, anti-inflammatory meds, and in some cases (usually for older patients) a cortisone injection

You should check with your health care provider to see what treatments you should have.

I just wanted to welcome back, Dave Motzer, “Trainer Dave,” who’s a certified athletic trainer in the Greater St. Louis area. Dave is a very good friend and has worked with numerous professional baseball players over the years. They don’t get any better than this, and we’re fortunate to have him :slight_smile:

I think I sprained my hip at the batting cages last year, no popping noise, but it hurt bad for a week or so. I had to put tons of Ben-Gay to play the next day.

Thanks for the posts everyone I just started going to physical therapy for my hip and back. I just recently started to get back pain after trying to throw last week. My physical therapist believes that my back is sore because I am not in line with my hips. After throwing about 30 pitches from flat ground today it was pretty sore I was wondering If I should get an MRI just to make sure nothing is torn but my physical therapist doesn’t think I need to. I really thought i would have no pain today because I rested for two weeks and went to physical theapy for about 2 weeks. So I was just wondering if i should just get an MRI.

Steve, how come Ben-gay is in asteriks?

In most cases we send our players to PT for 4-6 weeks, three times a week. In some cases when we want to know whats going right away the Docs will order an MRI. Off season and younger athletes, PT will usually do the job. Most athletes try to over do PT by doing exercises on the own or by testing the injury. It’s important to do and stay on the program that your physicial therapist has set up for you.