Pop of the glove

Hi, at the beginning of the year I was throwing on a line to the plate. However there was little to no “pop” in the glove. Now, my fastball is dropping at the plate, but there is a much louder pop. I am not sure if I am just not throwing hard, or if it has natural drop. I have been more effective recently, so I believe I am throwing harder. Is the pop of the glove an effective relative velocity indicator? Am I throwing harder now or before? Thanks for any help.

Might just be a matter of where in the glove the ball hits.

Sometimes a two seam fastball fells heavier in the mitt, thus that “slap” of leather sound that you’re hearing - or, your present grip may impress the seams of the ball to have a two seam fastball influence at the plate. Other than that, Roger has pretty much said it all.

Good points from Roger and Coach B. I’ve also wondered throughout the years if those pitchers who can “pop” the glove get more spin on their fastball. Not sure it’s a good indicator of actual speed, but perhaps spin?

When I catch my son, the “pop” depends on where I catch the ball in the mitt. Sometimes slower throws/pitches have a pop, and at times hard throws/pitches don’t have a pop. Grab a ball with one hand and throw it into the glove on your other hand. Doesn’t take much velocity to produce a pop, does it? :smile: