Poor velocity but great command


Back in highschool my coach and teammates considered me a finesse pitcher. I pitched sidearm and threw about three pitches. A 4 seam between 70-74 MPH, sinker between 68-71 MPH, slider between 62-65, and a circle-change between 60-63 MPH. My velocity was poor but I had great command of my pitches and could pinpoint where I wanted them to go about 95% of the time.

I could never run the ball past guys but I could make them hit ground balls with my sinker and change up. I mainly used the 4 seam on the rare occasion I got into a hitter’s count and I either wanted them to pop it up or get the count even or back in my favor.
late into my junior year I was promoted to closer and out of the 20 save opportunities I had I converted 18 of them. Our coach planned on keeping me as closer for my senior year.

Unfortunately after that year his wife got sick and he had to retire because of it.(She’s better now)The new coach we got felt velocity was everything. Even though I was one of the best pitchers on the team he told me I was too slow and cut me and I wasn’t able to play HS ball my senior year which sucked.

A few years after I graduated I developed Osteoarthritis and quit pitching because of it. I’m 28 now and for the last few months have been trying to get back into it but it’s difficult. I know I am too old and not healthy enough to get into the MLB but if I can get back into the swing of things I would love to play independent baseball.

No real question. Just wanred to relay my story. Anyone have similar?


I think you have to honestly evaluate where you are now and then determine what realistic goals may be and what stretch goals may be. Start with the simple first. Maybe that’s becomes playing in a Sunday League. I would suggest observing an Independent tryout or something of that nature and giving yourself some honest feedback.