Poor finish


Every time I do suicide sprints I slow down on the last about 30 feet. How can I motivate or push myself to keep speed or even go faster on the last 30 feet or so?


How many are you running?
Sprints are great but it is easy to overdo it. If its not a case of the CNS burning out because you’ve run too many and just a case of slowing down because you are running hard…just push yourself.
No one else can motivate you.


not too many. I realize you can’t motivate me but what are some things you do or teach to not slow down?


Set a reasonable time as a goal and then use a stopwatch to check yourself.


great idea. thanks!


Correction: It’s not just those last 30 feet. I feel like I’m slacking a little bit the whole time.


Time yourself…sometimes you feel like you are slowing down, but you really aren’t.
Sounds like you need to run more suicides and build up your stamina :wink:

In HS, the 2 minute drill was always a killer. Any drill with a vomit can stationed at mid-court can’t be too much fun. We went end to end on a basketball court and had to do 10 down and backs in under 2 minutes. We had to do one extra of them each time someone didn’t finish in under 2 minutes or until someone puked. If you didn’t finish in under 2 minutes the first two times, you weren’t going to do it the 3rd time. That’s where the trash can came in :wink:




During the winter, I ran track. One of my events was the 1000M . It was essentially a .6 mile sprint. Training for that is grueling. Some people run marathons at that pace, so you should be able to self-motivate to push through a suicide.




Maybe it has nothing to do with motivation.

Maybe you just need to improve your conditioning.

Too many athletes rely on their coaches to get them in shape. Take some accountability for your own physical preparation.

I used to take pride in being the most fit guy on the team. But it didn’t come naturally – I had to work my ass off to be that guy.


I don’t rely on coaches