Why dont more pitchers throw knuckleballs? Answer in poll! :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally throw a knuck, it’s a good pitch I mean any pitch that can get someone out is a good pitch.

I’ll tell you what Charlie Hough once said to a reporter:
Reporter: "Why don’t more pitchers throw a knuckleball?"
Hough: “Well why don’t more pitchers throw 98 mph? Because it’s really hard to do.”

So it’s because it’s such a hard pitch to master and there’s not a lot known about it most of mastering a knuckleball is just seeing what works like a science project, it’s a trial and error pitch nobody throws it exactly the same way and I’m not kidding, in the video clips forum on the 3rd page I think there’s a vid of Wake, Dickey and Haeger they all throw it differently, motion , grip, everything. Look at old vids of the Niekros and Hough. Find a pic of Wilhelm’s or Wynn’s old grips.

A great knuckleball is one the deadliest weapons a pitcher can have albeit a rare one, the most successful at it was Hoyt Wilhelm his career era was somewhere in the low 2s I believe.

If you really want to learn more about the knuck I would be glad to talk to ya and tell you things that work for me and here’s a site you can go to.
go to the message boards and read up and if you have the money buy The Knucklebook by Dave Clark.

I’ll just tell you I don’t throw one because I’ve never been able to do it, but there is no doubt that a good knuckleball is a great pitch to have.

I guess some people got it and some people dont and I just dont :frowning:

That’s okay Zach bcz you will actually go somewhere throwing your heat and that dirty off speed stuff you got.

Why don’t more pitchers throw the knuckleball?
Jim Brosnan, in his book “Pennant Race”, tells of a time when one of the extra players on the Cincinnati Reds came up to the dugout before a game holding a towel to his face. He uncovered a badly split lip, and when asked about it he snarled, "That d----d Purkey! He HAS to work on his knuckleball before the game!"
A good knuckleball is a pesky pitch to catch. Just ask any catcher who has had to work with a pitcher who throws it. It’s no wonder Paul Richards invented an oversize mitt just for that purpose.

I’d say it is a tough pitch to control.

I think alot of pitchers are overwhelmed by the knuckle.
It is hard to learn, afterall.