Poll: Thoughts on protecting the family jewels while pitching

  • Of course
  • Of course NOT


I’d recommend the nutty buddy. It is truly a comfortable cup and can protect your nuts from a 100mph fastball.


Good product and ya gotta love how each size has a confidence - building name. It’s hilarious.


I had a two pitchers that actually lined their shovel head cup with a ladies product. It was really hilarious making a bus stop on road trips. Usually we’d end up very early for a breakfast, or very late for a supper. In any event, these two guys would head right way to the … ready for this … the ladies rest room. One would wait outside while the other went in, then the dropping of a few quarters into a machine, a turn of the crank, then out one would come and the other guy would go in.

I asked one of them why he lined his cup that way, and he responded with the logic of shoulder pads worn by football players. “Those pads are lined, right!” he told me.

I never thought of it that way. then again… … never mind.


Always wore a cup.

Boxer briefs
Compression shorts