Poll: Hey, Blue! No. 016


R1,R2. The batter slashes a line drive down the right field line. R2 misses the plate on the way by, R1 barely beats the throw to the plate as the swipe tag is missed by the catcher, who throws down to second base too late to prevent the B/R from moving up to second. Meanwhile, R2 returns to touch home plate. The defense appeals the missed touch by R2.

  • Since the catcher made a play on the B/R at second base, the defense may no longer appeal the missed plate by R2. Two runs score.
  • appeal granted. one run scores.
  • No runs score because R1 is also out for passing a preceding runner, R2. Double play.


the correct answer is obvious if I blur it, because it’s too short, so I’m typing a lot of meaningless extra words. appeal granted. one run scores.


Hmmm. No takers?


I’m getting worse at these :unamused:


Got it! Yes!!! @CoachPaul, love these baseball rules trivia questions.