Poll: Hey, Blue! No. 010

R2 with two out. In running to first base after bunting, the Batter/Runner is hit in the helmet by the catcher’s throw. The ball bounces into short right field allowing R2 to score on the play. The B/R was not in the running lane and was one stride from reaching first when struck by the ball.

  • the batter/runner is safe, the ball is live, count the run

  • time is called and the batter/runner is out for a running lane violation. the run is disallowed since the interference came on a force play which would have resulted in the final out

  • the batter/runner is safe, time is called when the ball deflected off the batting helmet. the runner is placed at third since, in the umpire’s judgment R2 would have reached 3rd had the ball not struck the batter’s helmet

In reaching for the first base bag on the final step/stride, the batter runner is allowed to leave the lane. The bag is in fair territory and the lane is in foul territory, therefore, if he were confined to the lane he would never be allowed to touch first base! There is no interference in such cases and the ball remains live. All ensuing action is legal and accompanied by the music for ‘The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round.’