Poll: Hey Blue! No. 005


R3, R1 with one out. Medium fly to left centerfield. R3 tagging to score. R1 advancing to second base attempting to determine if the CF will catch the ball. As the outfielders converge on the ball, LF calls off CF, catches the ball for the second out, and in one motion fires the ball toward 1st in an attempt to double-off R1. R3 crosses the plate as 2B relays the throw to 1B, just beating R1 back to the bag for the 3rd out. Score the run?

  • Yes
  • No


Love these questions. You’re going to eventually tell us the right answer in a few days, right?


yes, of course


the correct answer is yes[/spoiler]The determining factor, and why most people get this wrong is that half the world thinks this is a force play, and we all know that no runs are counted on a 3rd out by force play. [spoiler]In actuality, it’s a live ball appeal play for failure to retouch. Force plays are on advances, not on retreats. Therefore, this is a timing play. As long as the runner crosses the plate before the final out is made, count the run.