Pointed toe down

ok my baseball coach during off season worked with me on having my toe pointed down when im pitching. ive been working on it for a month its not working at all. i feel much more coftorble when i dont point my foot down

Have you asked your coach why he wants you to point your toe down? Is it because you lean back when you raise your stride leg?

If you are in balance when you raise and then lower your stride leg then having your foot parallel to the ground is fine. Some pitching coaches want the toe down to prevent you from leaning back. When you lean back the lower part of your stride leg, the foot and the toe move away from the body and the foot points up because your body is fighting to stay in balance.

Ask him.

should your toe be pointed down is that the correct way to do it

you dont have to have it pointing down your coach doesnt have a clue.

Generally, I teach my guys to let the foot hang freely. Not pointed down or lifted up, because you have to flex the foot/leg to do both. Just relax. Lift your balance leg up from the knee, not the foot. And let your foot hand freely.

It is probably better to be pointed down than pointed up, because if it is pointed up you will have a tendency to land too hard on the heel of your foot, causing a jolt and possibly causing your front leg to lock up. Generally speaking you want to land softly and smoothly, and you want your front leg to be flexible. Pointing the toe down, or simply relaxing your ankle, will help this process along.

To paraphrase what Steve said, you want to lift your knee as opposed to kicking your foot … thinking about keeping your toe pointed down might help to get the “kicking” idea out and the “lifting” in.

Here’s my 2 cents:

Some coaches think pointing the toe up causes you to plant on your heal. I think planting on your heal is more of an indication of other issues. Some coaches think it can throw off your posture or balance. I say maybe but not necessarily. But if you’re thinking about what you’re foot is doing, I can just about guarantee you’ll mess up something else.

Ultimately, you want the foot and ankle to be relaxed and to not be thinking about it. There are more important things to think about when you’re on the hill.

JoeJanish said it all in the first sentence of his post about pointing the toe down. If a coach see’s a pitcher striding out and landing on his heel, the coach will many times tell a pitcher to point the toe"slightly down" to correct landing on the heel. I think it’s good advice and I’ve told players to do it. It’s not always the answer but it’s worth trying. If it don’t work for a certain player than naturally you try something else. Bill Chapones :slight_smile:

I agree.

There is tremendous variation in what the pros do, which means it probably doesn’t matter either way.