Pocket Radar


Has anyone used or know anyone who owns or has used a pocket radar? What are your thoughts on it, is it worth the money??


It’s worth paying the big bucks and getting a stalker if you want accurate real numbers


I read an article recently that compared 8 to 10 radar guns against each other. I’m sure if you search online you can find it. I don’t remember it being hard to locate. It was a real eye opener about the various guns out there. If you can get a gun that gives consistent readings and have access to calibrate it against a gun you know is highly accurate, you can save some big bucks.


If a gun is checked against the appropriate tuning fork, it is accurate. But it must be a fork that emits the correct frequency for a particular model. You can’t use a Stalker 62 mph fork to tune a Jugs gun. It will give a reading but it won’t be correct. The difference in the cheap guns and the better guns is how fast it can pick up and measure the target. Stalker and Jugs acquire the target within a couple of feet of leaving the pitcher’s hand.