plyometrics need some more for my routine. Does anyone have any good ones they could tell me?

my teams plyo routine is… the ladder drills, jumping over the litte hurdles, we do medicine ball work, ab workouts, step ups onto these elevated boxes, and active sretches like buttkicks nd front skips(peter pans) and russian kicks (frankensteins)

at our practice, we do ladders, then some jump rope ( which is more Cardio) but we get a small cone jump front to back, and then side to side, then from the 12 to 3 to 6 to 9 back to the 12 so its kind of confusing lol but we do a lot of sprints… that seemed to help me the most was sprints. I usually throw in some sprints when I run 2 or 3 miles…

Including many of the things mentioned already, there are lunges (which can be increasingly harder with added weight in both hands), Karaokes in which you run sideways with right crossing over left then left crossing over right, crunches (done with your hands over your ears instead of crossing behind your head so that your abs pull you up and not your hands plus your head), leg lifts (lay on your back, put your hands flat to each outside of your gluteous and lift your legs straight, unbending 5-6 inches in the air and hold it there for 25 seconds).

Crunches don’t use the inner abdominal/transverse abdominal which are used for balance and they use the rectus abdominal or the outside muscle. So it makes not sense to do crunches.