Plyometric Leg Exercises

Alright, so I’m trying to figure out a new workout for this fall. I’m loosely following Tuff Cuff but I like to do my own weight workouts.

Basically, I’ve come to thinking that the most important muscles for pitching are the legs and core. I’ve changed my rotation a lot to utilize rotational forces and like it a lot. So my main goal is to build a very strong core and turn my legs into a pair of solid oak trees.

I think that for legs, it’s best to develop very explosive power. So basically, I was wondering if anyone knows any plyometric leg exercises. Right now, I’m doing hang cleans, lunges, calf raises, deadlifts, and squats. Out of those, the only explosive lifts are the hang cleans. Does anyone know any good ones I could add?

Also, I remember watching one of those “ckicken soup for the soul” type stories on the news a few months ago. Katie Couric or one of her underlings was doing a piece on some guy who runs this clinic where he can teach just about anyone to dunk a basketball. It showed people who were well under 6 feet tall dunking after doing all these crazy plyometric type leg exercises. The whole time I was thinking “I bet this stuff would be great for pitchers.” But now I forget the guy’s name who does that stuff. Does anybody know anything about this guy? Or does anyone know any kind of explosive leg workouts that basketball players do?