Please try and understand

There is no substitution for hands on experience when addressing anything
athletic. In that regard, all the parties involved bring a certain level of human chemistry, temperament, language, skill assessment and a host of other particulars that either enhances the experience or deducts from it.

This web site and those that participate – asking and responding to whatever, are not immune from the give and take mentioned above. Add to this the volume of unknowns of who’s asking – their physical condition, baseball experience, and most importantly the comprehension level(s), makes responding to each and every one of you a daunting task to say the least.

What complicates this process are the references to the professional game and all the technical expertise that surrounds that environment. And granted, what works … works. No debate there. But even within the ranks of the professional game, there are differences in style and approach. Sometimes, even defying the conventional wisdom of current training and coaching techniques. But, when referencing examples, the professional game offers great insight and examples. Just remember we’re showing you grown men, at the top of their profession - true professionals in every sense of the word. They don’t have finals next week, their not trying to study advanced math, and thy don’t have a lot of growing issues like you do.

I sincerely doubt that anyone actually comes to this web site and deliberately tries to inject righteousness and superiority as an end in itself. Unfortunately, the exchange between parties can take a turn (sometimes) personal, that on the surface may seem this way.

The point to be made here is that we all are at various levels of knowledge and ability and the only way that we can increase that knowledge and ability is to evolve each day a little better in our chosen life style(s) and professions. Speaking for myself, I’ve read a lot of the things posted here – I sit back and think, “ I never thought of that subject in that fashion before … I just learned something.”
(then I make a darn fool of myself by trying to explain that to someone else!)

Coach B.

Man first time here in a few days and a wonderful post by Baker, what else could you expect. That whole thing with RIStar, I’ve talked to him a lot on AIM and while I disagree with what he has to say there is something behind his method. He knows what he wants and I can understand what he wants, and in turn help him out. Despite what my personal opinions are.

Great post, Coach. Really well said.

Steven and Hammer said it all.

As usual, Coach B.'s post is both thorough, enlightening, and very well-written.