Please tell me what i'm doning wrong

This is me throwing from the stretch

I dont think you should put your feet that close to eachother. It looks like you open up a little early and you short arm the ball. You also need to follow throw and not stop at the end of your motion your front leg should strighten back after you throw.

the short arming the ball comes from my catching days when I try to throw out runner

you don’t drive at all with your back leg. you need to pull that back leg through on at release and through your finish. it just collapses when you throw and you’re not getting any drive

so anyother words im throwing all arm

I fixed all the things you guys noticed and my speed jumped 7 mph. Thanks Alot.

lets see some more videos.

what angles do you want me to do them from I 'll get them done tommorow

You tuck the glove too soon. It should be out in front above the front foot. Imagine you are reaching for an imaginary pole, grabbing it, then pulling yourself forward. That’s one flaw that is preventing you from driving forwad quicker.

Just side, maybe one from behind.

my camara died so i could only take one vid

You tuck the glove too soon as I stated earlier. The farther out your glove is the more balance you will have. Imagine walking a tightrope. How do you maintain balance? You keep your arms extended out to your sides.

Glove position has a relationship with where your throwing hand is too. And because you tuck the glove too soon, you can’t bring the ball far enough back where it is inline with your shoulers. Otherwise you will lose balance.

You are very slow with your movement toward the plate. I think your biggest problem right now is a lack of momentum, sideways. You tend to do all of the stride work with your front leg. By that I mean that you reach it out and place it there. Roger and I agree on one fundamental (not an absolute, just one effective recommendation), that is to get the centre of gravity moving sideways sooner and build up momentum for a longer period of time, resulting in a longer stride. Reaching with the front foot is NOT the way to get a long stride and a longer stride isn’t so much the goal, it’s the momentum generation that results in a longer stride.

Make the stride worth something. Drive your front hip and side at the target earlier and increase momentum by doing it for a longer period of time. Try those as mental cues and see what happens. My humble recommendation.

I love that you are out there workin’ it! Good for you. I’m guessing you want the truth, and not a sugar coated “you are great” kinda answer, so…

Brother you are all over the place.

You set too low.

You have no established balance point.

Your backside arm could get more reach.

Your glove side arm is completely dead (mentioned in an above post). You should try to incorporate your front arm much, much more. Try breaking your hand thumbs down with a open palm reach toward the catcher. Your glove would be better off if it was above your strike foot at landing and you were bringing your chest to your glove rather than your glove to your chest (similar to the analogy of a pole used earlier).

Your back side leg collaspes too soon prior to your glide. It should be a gradual process.

That should be enough to get you started.

Who do you usually have working with you?

Murph do you think he should stop at top of leg lift to get a balance point???

Because if so then you are not giving good information out. when you anaylize MLB pitchers they all move to the plate while lifting the leg to most part. You need to move and lift like randy johnson because it will get you to gain more momentum to throw the ball.

Balance point = stop or hesitation in the motion

I think he should move while lifting the leg to get everything at the plate and throw more efficently with his body.

just need to know what you mean. We might be on the same page or we might not be.

From what you’ve described, I believe we’re on the same page.

I had a little more time and want to try to help.

If you pause the video between 10 and 11 seconds areas of possible further improvement stand out.

I wrote earlier about your glove side arm…hopefully you are working on that.

The next thing I would try to focus on is the positioning of your strike foot. It appears as though you land on your heel (not recommended) and are swinging side ways rather than gliding forward.

Try to land on the ball of your foot and - if possible - don’t over rotate your drive line foot…keep that line straight from your back foot arch to the catcher.

GOOD LUCK!! Keep working!! :smiley:

Like they’re saying, keep your glove arm extended a bit longer. I feel that your in a rush to get to homeplate. Take you time through your mechanics and they’ll get smoother.

yea dude, you do pretty much tuck your glove in waay too soon, and you use your arm waay to much and your body not enough. That thing described before with the pole is a good idea I think, the reaching, grabbing, and pulling. Try starting your motion with your feet apart, and see if that helps create more hip and shoulder rotation.

oh, I forgot to say, sorry, that Im talking about the first vid, and not the second. Sorry bout the confusion :smiley: