Please review, need some analysis of the pitching mechanics


I think you were trying to make this post look like this. Maybe this will help.

Thanks for the help. What do you think of the video?

Post looks like a solid position, when you starts to move forward it looks like your shoulders drop just a little. Looks like you have decent glove side mechanics but as you release the ball you glove tends to drop to the floor vs continue to pull back and end in a good defensive position. I also see that you could pull your leg off the rubber a little earlier, this could increase velocity. Good Luck.

You look good, some of the things that I’ve seen is that. As soon as you lift your leg you start drifting toward home plate thus eliminating any use of your legs. Everything looks good, I would just try and stay over the rubber longer and lead with your front hip while staying over the rubber. Everything looks pretty solid though! Keep up the good work!


Are you suggesting he keep his whole body back over the rubber? Or just his upper half?

Upper half. As you can see in these pictures

They are letting their front leg, hip lead them as they start to gravitate toward the catcher. I think staying back could help him a lot.

Im not claiming to be a master or anything just something I think might help.

Figured that’s what you meant. Just wanted it clear so others understand correctly. :wink: